So what’s the deal with Viralspace?

We help everyday social media content creators, nano/micro influencers and brand lovers monetize content that they already create or are about to create. Seriously, take a look at your IG feed. You have awesome and brand-related content that brands would love to own for their social and marketing needs.

Wait, but who are the brands?

They are the everyday brands that we shop, eat, and buy from regularly. The Viralspace team work closely with brands in food, fashion, fitness, entertainment, beauty and other industries to bring you the best challenges to work on.

Cool, why should I create content for them again?

It’s relatively straightforward. You create epic and trendy content on a daily basis. Brands would love to own some of them and use it on their own social media and marketing channels. Instead of producing content in-house, brands source content from real customers, nano/micro influencers and creators at Viralspace. That’s where you come in!

What are #Challenges?

#Challenges are brand-sponsored competitions. Brand could be asking for a short video for their IG use, a photo, a dance or really, anything! Creators can enter these challenges and win prizes.

Awesome, how much do I get paid?

The rewards vary with brands and challenges. Check out our home page for the latest challenges! We typically award pool of $200-500 per challenge and split the pool among at least 4 creators. But new modes of challenges are constantly being introduced. Stay updated!

How exactly do I get paid?

Currently, prizes are delivered via Venmo and Gift Cards.

I know a brand, how can I put Viralspace in touch?

Shoot us an email at hello@viralspace.ai

How can Viralspace help me and my brand?

We help you source authentic social media content by crowdsourcing photos and videos from everyday content creators, nano/micro influencers, and your customers.

Right. Why shouldn’t we just run our own giveaways on IG/3rd party software?

Viralspace.ai does a couple things really well, it helps you:

  • Manage all content submissions and rights management in an easy-to-use dashboard

  • Rank all submissions automatically through proprietary AI to drastically cut down curation time

  • Predict social media virality and maintain a unique model that improves over time

  • Seamlessly reward creators, customers and nano/micro-influencers in exchange for content

Those are just some of the cool things we do at Viralspace, join us to find out more!

Okay, sure. So who are the creators?

They are people who already post photos and videos related to your brand on social media. They are also active creators who are eager to generate new content for your brand. Their high-quality, trendy, and authentic visual content turn heads and spark trends!

What are #challenges? Should we ask people to pour buckets of ice over themselves?

#Challenges are brand-sponsored competitions for creators to create the most epic and trendy content. They could be an instagram story, a photo, a dance or really, anything! You decide on the type of content you want, sky's the limit here. Just remember to raise the stakes for harder stunts!

When do challenges get paid out, and how do I know who wins?

It usually takes about a week after the challenge ends, but it varies. You will be contacted by email whether you win or not, then will be paid via Venmo. You can check if a challenge has been paid out by going to the challenge page. If the winners appear at the top, then it’s been paid out.

Sweet, how do I sign up?!

We’re working around the clock to get our brand dashboard up and running. For now, email us at hello@viralspace.ai to get in touch.